Confused Desi Food Concert



Music and Food know no boundaries. These are gifts that both connect people and bring them joy. They are meant to be consumed. They are the stuff that describes what fans and loyalists are.

There are the Baggas and the Tomars of North who relish South Indian Dosa and Sambar so much so that it is a staple menu on most holidays. Similarly the Iyers and the Kumars of the south search for North Indian cuisine when they want to party. And if the cuisines can get interchanged the Music follows. You can hear the Punjabi Dhols echo in the streets of Tambaram and Mani Ratnam’s and Rahman’s beats in Delhi Clubs on regualr basis. There is confusion admist the following. There is a little bit of ‘desi-pan” in all this confusion that we believe binds us, brings us together and makes us what we are – INDIANS in taste and likings.

Confused Desi bring these two vital elements of our lives viz. Food and Music closer to the audiences. We believe that these are things to be enjoyed to be relished and our attempt of providing a Food Concert is our way of living up to the larger INDIAN unity in diversity. Be it food be it music there is a “desi” touch that links us all. Our concerts will see a range of cuisines when it comes to food and a variety of musical themes coming to life on stage via popular artists. The objective is simple – Food. Music. Peace.

Its when this confusion (of food and music) reigns that the individual identities of North and South, of West and East get blurred and the true colours of Indian-ness come to fore. We are proud to be creating this confusion.

The first in the series of this confusion will kickstart on the Oct 14 when Raftaar takes to the stage and what better venue than Major Dhyaanchand Stadium. If hockey remains the National game and a passion we wanted to commence our confused desi series from such a venue. Raftaar who will belt out popular songs is the main draw but there will be other artists lending their touches. From a variety of food partners the audiences can be promised they will find a Mini India when it comes to cusines at the venue.

At this Food Concert billed as this seasons top draw not only for it has RAFTAAR but will have a host of other performances around Music Dance and food of course. The specially curated food stalls will ensure that the visitors will get to taste from a range of cusines. There is also a surprise audience engagement package that will get revealed only at the time of the concert but its sure to make folks take back memories with them.


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